The Masked Singer South Africa’s Cheetah was radio star Khutso Theledi

Cheetah purred on The Masked Singer South Africa stage, hiding radio dynamo Khutso Theledi

For the second time in a row, The Masked Singer South Africa Season 2’s supersleuth Somizi Mhlongo was the only detective figuring out the true identity of a disguised celebrity. Somizi was spot on when asserting that the show’s cheeky Cheetah was multiple award-winning Metro FM radio host Khutso Theledi. 

Somizi’s correct guess stemmed from the clues he picked up from Cheetah’s body language as well as her admission that she can speak Italian. 

The Masked Singer South Africa S2’s third episode introduced four more spectacular Masks who duelled to proceed to the massively popular show’s next round. Ice Cream and Cheetah took to the stage first, whereafter Blue Crane battled Gold. 

This week, the distinguished detective panel – J’Something, Somizi Mhlongo, Sithelo Shozi and Skhumba Hlophe – were joined by Jason Goliath, also known as the previous season’s jolly jumbo, Elephant. 

During their first sighting of The Masked Singer South Africa’s Cheetah, the investigators noted her stylish appearance. Skhumba focused on her soft blond weave, which looked suspiciously familiar, while Sithelo called Cheetah “fashion forward”. She raved about the glitz and glam of the wild cat outfit, which Cheetah paraded so confidently. 

Later, Cheetah’s obscure clue package baffled the episode’s squad of celebrity bloodhounds. While dancing with the quirky “Masked Singer Men and Women in Black”, Cheetah revealed that “I’m Every Woman” had been her favourite tune for many reasons. Furthermore, she shared that her Cheetah coalition protected her as a cub, which made up for her daddy missing out, and she became a consistent high performer in a high-stakes world. Gone are the days of others trying to define her because this Cheetah is on a mission to show other little girls that they could be whatever matched their dreams. 

From these revelations, Somizi gathered that Cheetah was undoubtedly a triple threat – a singer, dancer, and actress. Meanwhile, Sithelo cottoned on to Cheetah being protected by her siblings, and Skhumba reckoned she was a breadwinner. However, J-Something was confused about why killer red heels were popping up in the clue video.   

After Cheetah’s “purrfect” performance of Rihanna’s “What’s My Name”, Skhumba’s wild guess was that this breadwinner and role model might be double-platinum singer-songwriter Zonke, but J’Something disagreed respectfully. 

Somizi was more interested in Cheetah’s “forwardness” and physical movement than her voice, resulting in a toss-up between Pearl Thusi, Khutso Theledi, Jo-Ann Reyneke and Nomzamo Mbatha. But then all the puzzle pieces fell into place. When Somizi asked Cheetah how many languages she could speak, she replied, “I recently added Italian to my repertoire.”

For Signore Somizi, all the signs pointed straight to Khutso. At this stage, J’Something locked in cricket commentator Kass Naidoo, Jason put forward Nomcebo Zikode from the hit song “Jerusalema”, Sithelo thought the “triple threat” was Candice Modisele, and Skhuma was positive about Zola Nombona.  

Unfortunately, sweet sensation Ice Cream chased Cheetah to the danger zone in the vote, where Blue Crane joined her after Gold had raised the bar exceptionally high. Then, in the final vote determining who should take off their mask, Blue Crane spread her wings to the next round. 

Before Cheetah lifted her weaved mane, guest detective Jason changed his mind to Nomzamo Mbatha, but the others all stuck with their original names. 

So, when Khutso showed, Somizi giggled about how she duped him during their time together on air on Metro FM earlier in the day. What unlocked the secret for Somizi on The Masked Singer South Africa was knowing about Khutso’s Italian husband and her mannerisms – especially how Cheetah bowed and put her hands together, resembling her usual way of showing respect as a Tsonga woman. 

About her experience hidden in the mask, Khutso said: “It’s something else. You feel that you’ve been swallowed, but at the same time, you’re filled with excitement, happiness and joy. I’ll do it again!” 

The Masked Singer South Africa, proudly sponsored by Andolex®, airs on S3 on Saturdays at 18:30. There are rebroadcasts on SABC 1 on Thursdays at 21:00 and on S3 on Fridays at 18:00

Comedian Jason Goliath joins The Mask Singer South Africa sleuths this week

Elephant returns as a guest detective

Comedian Jason Goliath joins The Mask Singer South Africa sleuths this week.

The third episode of The Mask Singer South Africa Season 2 promises to be a jolly affair. Comedian Jason Goliath, who trumpeted on stage in the first season of Mzansi’s craziest singing contest as the larger-than-life Elephant, will be on the detective panel to unravel who the celebs behind the new masks are.

At this stage, the show’s four detectives – J’Something, Somizi Mhlongo, Sithelo Shozi and Skhumba Hlophe – need all the help they can get. None of them had an inkling that Springbok was legendary actress Nthati Moshesh, and in the previous episode, only Somizi managed to identify Tortoise correctly as comedienne and actress Celeste Ntuli.

On Saturday, 20 April, The Masked Singer South Africa viewers will meet the third group of the initial 16 disguised celebrity contenders singing off for a spot in the next round.

Ice cream will put a sweet foot forward to melt some hearts while fashionable feline Cheetah is ready to deliver a spot-on performance. Fans will also see The Masked Singer South Africa ‘s beautiful version our national bird,  Blue Crane, in action and can look forward to a priceless act by a shining star called Gold,

Who are the famous South Africans hiding in these exquisite costumes, and who will have to take off their mask this week?

Everybody’s favourite guessing game is screened on S3 (formerly known as SABC 3) on Saturdays at 18:30. The rebroadcasts are on SABC 1 on Thursdays at 21:00 and S3 on Fridays at 18:00.

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Wheel of Fortune South Africa host Rorisang aims to bankrupt the banker in this week’s Deal or No Deal Celebrity

Earlier this week, Rorisang Thandekiso gave away the top cash prize of R100 000 on the local version of the legendary quiz show Wheel of Fortune. Now, the effervescent quiz show host is geared to win big money herself by moving into the Deal or No Deal Celebrity hot seat. 

In this glitzy weekly hour-long Deal or No Deal spin-off, aired on SABC 1 on Saturdays at 18:00, famous Mzansi stars put their hearts on the line to battle the show’s notorious banker for the benefit of a worthy cause. 

The former YOTV presenter, actress, musician and radio presenter is adamant in her quest to bankrupt the banker on behalf of Paediatric Care Africa. In support of this NGO, which supplies free medical and specialist medical care to children whose parents can’t afford it, Rorisang has even picked a special outfit for the occasion that matches the word “Africa” in the charity’s name. 

Rori has a huge respect for the incredible work done by Paediatric Care – from their outreach programmes ensuring kids in secluded areas receive proper medical attention to facilitating life-saving surgery. 

“We love to say things like children are the future, but sometimes forget how vulnerable babies and small kids in many communities are when it comes to health care,” she says. 

As is the case with the hugely popular Deal or No Deal South Africa, which transforms the lives of individuals from all across South Africa, the A-listers playing the celebrity version can win anything between R1 and R250 000 based on the deal they strike when the banker offers to buy the briefcase they chose at the start of the game. 

Tune into SABC 1 on Saturday, 20 April, at 18:00 to see how much Rori manages to donate to Paediatric Care Africa. Deal or No Deal Celebrity is proudly sponsored by LottoStar, and the rebroadcast is on S3 on Sundays at 12:00 and SABC 1 on Tuesdays at 22:00. 

LottoStar is Licensed by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator. No U18. National Responsible Gambling Programme 0800 006 008. Ts & Cs apply. All games are fixed-odds betting events.

Calm and collected chess champion wins R100k on Wheel of Fortune South Africa

Calm and collected chess champion is first-ever six-digit winner on Wheel of Fortune South Africa

Neil Horne, a chess champion from Gugulethu, Cape Town, made local television history on his 52nd birthday (15 April) by becoming the first contestant to win more than R100 000 on Wheel of Fortune South Africa.

In the legendary game show, which has been airing in the US since 1975 and finally made it to our shores on 8 April 2024, three contestants spin a giant carnival wheel and solve word puzzles to win cash or fabulous prizes.

Besides a snazzy red Suzuki Grand Vitara and other mystery prizes, the highest amount of cash up for grabs in Wheel of Fortune South Africa’s bonus round, played by the winner of the previous rounds, is the R100 000 Neil managed to clinch with his incredible word skills – and some assistance from Lady Luck.

In addition to the top cash prize, Neil also pocketed R2 600 earlier in the game, bringing his total winnings to R102 600.

Usually, big-money winners on big-name game shows leap out of their skins when surprised with such huge sums of money. However, Neil contained his emotions with a straight face. Even host Rorisang Thandekiso, jumping with joy, commented that she seemed more excited than him.

However, this unemotional approach matched Neil’s unflappable style throughout the episode.

Playing against Ruben Smith, a High School Computer and Business teacher from Pretoria, and the effervescent Tshiamo Tshabalala, a Political Science graduate from Brits, it was a slow and disappointing start for chess champion and word master Neil.

Ruben won the first “Toss-up”, where fast fingers counted. The category was “Quotes from movies”, and after the show, Neil confessed that he was bummed about Ruben solving the puzzle first: “The answer was ‘May the force be with you’. I thought to myself, ‘Ruben was probably not even born when the first Star Wars movie came out’!”

Then, Tshiamo won the first round. But Neil stayed calm and collected – a strategy that also served him in good stead as the reigning Bellville chess champion.

The next “Toss-up” was an easy solve for Neil. Yet again, it was almost game over when Tshiamo had one letter remaining to crack the second round. Lucky for him, she chose the wrong letter.

So, proceeding to the bonus round, Neil had to spin the wheel to land on one of 24 envelopes, not knowing the content inside. From the three categories presented to him, he picked “Around the house” and nailed the puzzle.

The mystery prize inside the envelope turned out to be the whopping R100 000!

Despite his composed composition on the show, Neil says, “Being on Wheel of Fortune South Africa was bundles of fun. I was also in awe of the aesthetics of the studio and set.”

Furthermore, Neil attributes his Wheel of Fortune success to his scrabble prowess, knowing the permutations of letters to compose a word and “just being lucky”.

Neil has won several Scrabble tournaments, including the prestigious Western Province Masters. He also plays Killer Sudoko daily.

Wheel of Fortune South Africa is made possible by Cell C and airs on S3 Mondays to Fridays at 19:30. There are daily rebroadcasts on SABC 2 the following day at 09:30 and an omnibus on S3 on Saturdays from 09:00-12:30. 

Celeste Ntuli was the second unmasked celebrity on The Masked SInger South Africa Season 2

Superstar comedienne Celeste Ntuli got out of Tortoise’s sassy shell in The Masked Singer South Africa Season 2

The second episode of the all-new season The Masked Singer South Africa, Mzansi’s most fun-filled and famed singing contest, turned out to be a battle of note with four strong-voiced A-listers disguised in spectacular costumes which hide their identity from top to toe.

First, sassy Tortoise took on suave Giraffe, whereafter Diamond sparkled in her exquisite attire in a sing-off against brawny Mielie.

Unfortunately, the panel of detectives – J’Something, Somizi Mhlongo, Sithelo Shozi and Skhumba Hlophe – and the studio audience had to pick a favourite after each battle. So, Tortoise slowly marched to the danger zone, where Diamond later outdazzled her in the final vote.

Only supersleuth Somizi guessed correctly that superstar comedienne and actress Celeste Ntuli was the superb entertainer disguised as Tortoise. 

The mysterious case of Tortoise started with a fun clue package shot in an all-pink salon, where the show’s Men and Women in Black pampered the confident turtle girl. Between the powder-puffing, toenail-buffing, and exchanging a seemingly useless hair straightening iron for a hair dryer, Tortoise shared some vague snippets about herself.

“I might still be a little slower than most, but my career isn’t,” Tortoise revealed. She also mentioned that she misplaced an essential gadget while travelling abroad, which almost ruined her entire holiday. Furthermore, she changed career paths and counted meeting her favourite entertainer of all time as a highlight among her many different life experiences.

From these obscure clues and Tortoise’s mind-blowing performance of Lebo Mathosa’s “Free”, detective Skhumba highlighted this glam queen’s love for cosmetics. But why did she put so much emphasis on her hair dryer, and what was the significance of the magic hat when she referred to meeting her entertainer idol?

Skhumba wondered if it meant she had dreadlocks and her music was her magic. Based on his findings, Skhumba guessed that Tortoise might be Thandiswa Mazwai, Thembi Seete or even Sophie Ndaba.

Somizi also commented on Tortoise’s glam squad and her favourite entertainer. However, Somizi had visions of comedian Cedric the Entertainer, indicating that Tortoise also made a living from her funny bones. In addition, Somizi noticed that Tortoise is a self-aware and overconfident lady, which resulted in her being single

and loving it. So, Somizi believed that either Relebogile Mabotja or Celeste Ntuli was hiding inside Tortoise’s shell. 

Raving about Tortoise’s performance, Sithelo’s gut feeling was that Tortoise was a childhood star or someone whose career took off very fast. The names crossing her mind were Hulisani Ravele, Tumi Morake or Thuso Mbedu.

However, J’Something latched onto the supersized pencil he spotted at the end of Tortoise’s clue package and her passion for everything pink. So, the beloved muso gauged that Tortoise was an author, and because even her book was pink, it might be Bonang Matheba. Another glam girl who matched J’Something’s deduction was Ayanda Thabethe.

Once J’Something was allowed to ask Tortoise one direct question, her reply provided more clarity – or not. Upon enquiring if we had seen her on stage before, Tortoise replied, “Big screens, small screens, stage, I’ve done it all.”

That’s why J’Something decided on Bonang Matheba. Somizi named Celeste Ntuli. Sithelo picked Thuso Mbedu, and Skhumba was “absolutely positive” that the hidden celeb was Thandiswa Mazwai.

After all the evening’s sterling performances, the votes were in, and host Mpho Popps announced it was time for Tortoise to show her face, the detectives had to lock in their final guesses.

Despite his initial assertion that Tortoise was Bonang, J’Something couldn’t forget that colossal pencil and changed his mind to distinguished storyteller and songwriter Buhle Mda from The Soil.

Meanwhile, Sithelo noticed Tortoise’s mannerisms and how she held her hands while waiting to show her face. As Sithelo gauged that the to-be-unmasked celebrity was “a little bit older”,  she settled on Tumi Morake. Skhumba agreed, but Somizi went with Celeste Ntuli.

Somizi nailed it!

However, Skhumba shared that he had an inkling that it might be Celeste when Tortoise crawled to the danger zone lair but he was fooled by thinking she was currently overseas.

Celeste confessed she was disappointed not to be part of The Masked Singer South Africa’sfirst season and had great fun on stage. “I’m a comedian and love making people laugh. Also an actress. But this made me feel like I’m a character and a singer.”

She also came clean with some clues. She lost an iPhone and a boyfriend abroad; luckily, the phone returned. The famous entertainer she met was multiple award-winning international actor and comedian Dave Chapelle.

The Masked Singer South Africa, proudly sponsored by Andolex®, airs on S3 on Saturdays at 18:30. There are rebroadcasts on SABC 1 on Thursdays at 21:00 and on S3 on Fridays at 18:00

  What’s the deal with Ready Steady Cook South Africa’s Moshe’s Ndiki?

The gregarious host of SABC 2’s fun-filled Monday-to-Friday cooking show Ready Steady Cook South  Africa has a date with Mzansi’s most notorious television banker this weekend. On Saturday, 13 April, at 18:00, the always-fabulous Moshe Ndiki will be in the hot seat to raise money for a charity close to his heart on SABC 1’s Deal or No Deal Celebrity. 

In the glitzy spin-off of the show that has enriched the lives of many ordinary South Africans, Mzansi’s A-listers – from actors and radio presenters to comedians and sports stars – play the nerve-wracking game to win anything between R1 and R250 000 for a charity of their choice. It all depends on the sequence in which they choose to open 20 briefcases held by gorgeous “Money Models”.

Since hitting our screens in March, five famous personalities have cashed in money to donate to worthy causes, with Generations The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka bagging the biggest amount. The beloved actress and soap star won R35 230 for Hearts of Hope. Comedian Tumi Morake clinched R20 000 for Palesa Pads, with 947 radio presenter Mo Flava hot on her heels with his R19 250 for Character Company. Furthermore, podcaster MacG took home R16 200 for Door of Hope and muso Vusi Nova R5000 for Grace Baby Haven.

Will Moshe be the first celebrity to break the bank hitting the R250,000 jackpot? 

Moshe will play for Ikamva Youth, an organisation with different branches nationwide that sets learners up for a fruitful future. Their after-school programme is designed to assist learners in achieving better grades to enter tertiary education or stand a better chance of employment.

Moshe chose the charity because education is hugely important to him. “Everyone deserves an equal chance in making their dreams come true,” Moshe says.

Deal or No Deal Celebrity is produced by Homebrew Films in collaboration with Primedia Studios and is proudly sponsored by LottoStar.  The premiere screenings are on SABC 1 on Saturdays at 18:00, and the rebroadcasts of the hour-long show are on S3 on Sundays at 16:30 and SABC 1 on Tuesdays at 22:00.

LottoStar is Licensed by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator. No U18. National Responsible Gambling Programme 0800 006 008. Ts & Cs apply. All games are fixed-odds betting events.

Wheel of Fortune South Africa spins onto our screens

with host Rorisang Thandekiso

When South Africa’s adaptation of the legendary game show Wheel of Fortune kicks off on S3 on Monday, 8 April at 19:30, Rorisang Thandekiso will rewrite global television history. Rorisang is the first female ever to anchor an edition of the big-name game show franchise, produced in more than 40 countries.

These localized versions of the original US show, created by TV host and media mogul Merv Griffin, are renowned for their formidable hosts and co-hosts. Pat Sajak and his graceful sidekick Vanna White, who have appeared on the US’s Wheel of Fortune since its inception in 1975, are American television royalty. With Pat retiring soon, sought-after television presenter Ryan Seacrest will steer the iconic Wheel of Fortune’s upcoming season.

In another host coup, Wheel of Fortune returned to the UK earlier this year with five-time Bafta-winner Graham Norton at the helm.

“I am incredibly honoured to follow in these giant footsteps and be the first Wheel of Fortune South Africa hostand the lucky person introducing the show to Africa,” says Rorisang, whose impressive resumé spans from entering the industry as a YOTV presenter to establishing herself as an esteemed radio and television personality.

She is also one of the country’s most esteemed MCs and motivational speakers and has an angelic voice, as proved by being the lead vocalist of Muzart. Furthermore, she captivated viewers with her acting in several television series.

“Rorisang radiates all the attributes required to hold the reins of this world-famous word-quiz game show, said Lala Tuku, Acting Group Executive of Video Entertainment at the SABC. “Rori comes with gravitas and years of experience in front of the camera but also embodies a unique mix of sparkle, confidence, and calmness. Furthermore, we’re thrilled to break the mould with a powerful female host. It fits in with SABC’s mission to celebrate diversity and put the spotlight on women.”

Wheel of Fortune South Africa, proudly sponsored by Cell C, is a collaboration between Primedia Studios and the acclaimed production company Homebrew Films. 

Cell C Chief Marketing Officer Melanie Forbes said, “We are thrilled to support such an iconic game show as Wheel of Fortune and to have a remarkable figure in entertainment like Rorisang as the host is the icing on the cake to bring excitement and opportunities for winning big to viewers across South Africa. We are proud to be able to change people’s fortunes and bring joy and entertainment at the same time.”

In each 30-minute Monday to Friday episode of Wheel of Fortune South Africa, Rorisang will be joined by three contestants who will be swept away by a whirlwind of word riddles and a giant carnival wheel determining what they will take home.

“It’s like Hangman meets Roulette, but on an ample dose of healthy television steroids,” Rorisang raves. “Like the rest of the world, South Africans will love it. This is the kind of game show that will keep the entire family glued to their screens – whether they’re trying to solve the word puzzles themselves or are routing for the contestants to rake in more money or fabulous prizes.”

Among the prizes on the show is a snazzy Suzuki Grand Vitara Hybrid.

So, South Africa’s first Wheel of Fortune host invites everyone who loves word games like the classic Hangman – and a bit of an adrenaline rush from the prospect of winning big – to come and spin The Wheel of Fortune themselves.

If you want to spin, solve the puzzle and win on Wheel of Fortune South Africa’s state-of-the-art set, complete the application form on

Besides Wheel of Fortune South Africa’s Monday-to-Friday premiere screenings on S3 at 19:30, there will be daily rebroadcasts on SABC 2 at 09:30 and an omnibus on S3 on Saturdays from 10:30 to 13:00. 

Legendary actress Nthati Moshesh is the first unmasked celebrity on The Masked Singer South Africa Season 2

and Kit Kat’s Break Master is revealed as show host Mpho Popps.

Over the years, seasoned actress Nthati Moshesh slayed many complex characters in an array of films and television series, earning her several accolades, including Golden Horn awards at the SAFTAs. 

Using these acting chops, she bowled over The Masked Singer South Africa fans in the first episode of the spectacular new second season of the craziest, most fun-filled singing contest on television.

Disguised as our national treasure, Springbok, Nthati leapt onto The Masked Singer South Africa stage on Saturday, 6 April, with a stunning performance, leaving the show’s distinguished detective panel completely stumped.

Detectives J’Something, Somizi Mhlongo, Sithelo Shozi and Skhumba Hlophe had no clue that Nthati was the ball of energy in the Springbok attire until she emerged from behind the mask at the end of two epic sing-offs.

However, Springbok was not the only masked character coming clean in the first episode of The Masked Singer South Africa Season 2. The mysterious case of the Kit Kat Break Master was finally solved.

For weeks, the Kit Kat Break Master had been spotted at malls and cinemas across the country, prompting the people of Mzansi to “take a break” by dishing out Nestlé’s delicious chocolate-covered wafer bars. Rumours were rife that the Break Master was a famous personality. So, when the Kit Kat Break Master opened the show, and host Mpho Popps was nowhere to be seen, the secret was finally out. Mpho had to break out of this costume.

The Masked Singer South Africa Season 2’s first episode featured four phenomenal Masked Singers facing off in two epic battles. Wildebeest and Springbok locked horns, whereafter Butterfly and Rainbow vied for the votes of the detective panel and studio audience.

From the moment the detectives laid eyes on Springbok, they were in awe of her beauty and confidence, but the story she told in her clue package threw the four bloodhounds completely off their track.

Springbok shared that it didn’t surprise her parents when she decided on her path, that she had been honoured for her work, and even being called one of the best in her field. Furthermore, she let slip that she would have been a bird if she weren’t the country’s best-loved Springbok. The graceful antelope also went to a girl’s school but clearly stated that although she can be called “a friend collector”, she has come to The Masked Singer South Africa stage to make enemies.

Initially, Somizi focused on Springbok’s over-the-top make-up, J’Something gauged that her beautiful necklace indicated that she loved fine jewellery, and Sithelo figured that they were dealing with a “girl’s girl”. However, Springbok’s competitiveness signalled to Skhumba that she’s a “Springbok for real”, in other words, an accomplished sports star.

Then, Springbok’s sensational rendition of the Harry Styles hit “As It Was” had the foursome even more befuddled.

J’Something admitted being clueless about who is behind the mask. He also confessed that this season’s mysteries were much harder to crack, and that the vocal prowess of the competitors blew him away. After asking Springbok straight-out whether she’s a sports star, her coy answer, “my job allows me to play”, in his opinion, pointed to Minnie Dlamini.

Springbok’s energetic performance convinced Sithelo the celebrity in question was a dancer – maybe Lorna Maseko or Lorcia Cooper. Meanwhile, Springbok’s legs and tiny feet led Somizi to believe that he performed with this national treasure at previous Rugby World Cup. It could only be Lorcia Cooper.

Finally, Skhumba guessed Springbok was the award-winning sports presenter Motshidisi Mohono.

Despite having the detectives on their feet with her amazing performance, the majestic Wildebeest trampled petite Springbok in the vote, sending her to the danger zone, where rare beauty Butterfly later joined her. In the end, Butterfly fluttered through to the next round.

Before Springbok took off her mask, the four judges had to lock in their final guesses. Sithelo and Skhumba stuck to their original names – Lorcia Cooper and Motshidisi Mohono – but J’Something and Somizi changed their minds. Somizi settled on sports presenter Carol Tshabalala, and Springbok’s clue package hint about almost being a bird led J’Something to songbird Zolani Mahola.

Of course, they were all wrong. Nthati deceived them with her superb acting skills and obscure clues.

The legendary actress said she immediately jumped on board when she was approached to be on The Mask Singer South Africa: “In all my roles I’m serious, I’m strict, I’m stern, I’m horrible. I’m evil. So, when this came up, I thought the inner child in Nthati must come out and play and have fun.”

The Masked Singer South Africa, proudly sponsored by Andolex®, airs S3 (formerly SABC 3) on Saturdays at 18:30. There are rebroadcasts on SABC 1 on Thursdays at 21:00 and on S3 on Fridays at 22:00

A local version of a legendary game show finally lands on our screens

Win big when Wheel of Fortune South Africa spins onto S3 in April

Primedia Studios, media giant Primedia’s television content creation and distribution hub, in partnership with the South African Broadcasting Corporation, is bringing yet another big-name format to South African shores. This time, it’s a world-famous word puzzle game show that has delighted global audiences for almost five decades!

The legendary Wheel of Fortune will spin onto our screens – and into our Mzansi homes and hearts – for the first time ever on Monday, 8 April, with an exhilarating local version allowing sharp risk-takers to win loads of moolah and the most magnificent prizes.

Wheel of Fortune South Africa will be broadcast on S3 (formerly known as SABC 3) on Mondays to Fridays at 19:30.

Created by the U.S. T.V. host and media mogul Merv Griffin, Wheel of Fortune has been a firm favourite on American television since 1975. Format rights licensed by Paramount Global Content Distribution, this multiple Emmy-award-winning show has also spawned adaptations in more than 60 markets – from Australia, Brazil and Denmark to Malaysia, Russia, the U.K. and Vietnam.

“We are extremely excited and honoured to finally add the African continent to Wheel of Fortune’s phenomenal legacy,” said Primedia Studios President Jan du Plessis.

Wheel of Fortune is arguably the most successful game-show format of all time in terms of its universal appeal and longevity. But best of all, South Africans will now have the opportunity to spin their lives around by playing this spectacular yet simple game on a state-of-the-art set. Add mind-blowing amounts of cash and unimaginable prizes – even cars – up for grabs, and Wheel of Fortune South Africa is in a league unseen on local television before.”

Emma Stow, Director: Format Sales, Paramount Global Content Distribution, said: ”Wheel of Fortune is one of our longest-running game shows, and we look forward to working with Primedia Studios to bring this successful format to the audience in South Africa.” 

If you love the classic word game “Hangman” or are a word-puzzle guru or crossword fan, Wheel of Fortune South Africa will be your A-Z to win big. The show is a whirlwind of word riddles, but with a giant wheel determining your fortune –  in other words, how much money or which prizes you’ll take home.

Each episode features three contestants, starting with a “Toss-up” round in which this trio tries to unravel a word phrase by themselves to earn money and determine which one will spin the iconic wheel first.

There are different wedges on the wheel – anything between R100 and R800, as well as some dreaded ones like “Lose a turn” or “Bankrupt,” which might ruin their game.

In addition to the cash amounts, the wheel includes fabulous giveaways, which the contestant will pocket if they figure out the word phrase. 

In solving the puzzle, the amount of money indicated on the wheel multiplies with the number of letters they choose to put on the game’s giant puzzle board, but only if the letters are indeed part of the phrase. If they don’t use a consonant, they can also buy a vowel, but once they opt to put a wrong letter on the board, it’s the next contestant’s turn to spin the wheel. 

Ultimately, the contestant who calls out the correct phrase bags the money they have accumulated in their own wallet. Thereafter, the contestant with the biggest winnings moves on to play the bonus round, where even more impressive prizes await.

If you want to be a Wheel of Fortune South Africa contestant, the first step is to complete the application form on

Lala Tuku, Acting Group Head of Video Entertainment, said Wheel of Fortune South Africa is a welcome addition to S3’s Monday to Friday schedule: “It will be game night every night on the channel, and it’s a win-win for contestants and viewers alike. Everybody at home will be playing along.”

Wheel of Fortune South Africa, proudly sponsored by Cell C, is a collaboration between Primedia Studios and the acclaimed production company Homebrew Films – the powerful combo also responsible for the massively successful SABC game shows Deal or No Deal South Africa and Deal or No Deal Celebrity

Besides Wheel of Fortune South Africa’s Monday-to-Friday premiere screenings on S3, there will be daily rebroadcasts on SABC 2 at 09:30. If you missed an episode during the week, you can catch the omnibus on S3 on Saturdays from 10:30 to 13:00. 

The U.S. version of Wheel of Fortune is produced by Sony Pictures Television, a Sony Pictures Entertainment Company. It is distributed domestically by CBS Media Ventures and internationally by Paramount Global Distribution Group, both divisions of Paramount.

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S3 is a revamped channel servicing the independent thinker and the progressive South African millennial. We want our viewers to open up to new lands, new content, new ideas and new ways of being. Through this new positioning, S3 invites viewers to take in all the new programming on offer to open up to a dialogue with your public broadcasting channel. Ultimately, our vision is to foster the spirit of curiosity and spearhead a generation of free thinkers. S3 is opening itself up to new viewers. These viewers, who fall under the millennial umbrella, are more socially conscious and environmentally aware than their predecessors. They are progressive and open-minded, and S3 will champion their frame of mind.


Synopsis: This smash-hit action-adventure series was one of the most popular shows of the 1980s. The A Team revolved around a crack team of soldiers of fortune, led by a daring adventurer, that takes on exciting and dangerous assignments anywhere in the world. A non-stop demolition derby of high-octane fun, this infectious series successfully printed Mr. T’s name in the pop-culture lexicon.

Episode Highlights

Episode 1 – Wednesday, 3 April 2024

The A-Team is hired by Amy Allen to rescue a missing foreign correspondent in Mexico.        

Episode 2 – Thursday, 4 April 2024

The A-Team must fight the drug lord who has imprisoned a journalist in Mexico.

Episode 3 – Friday, 5 April 2024

Hannibal and the A-Team set out to rescue a girl from a violent religious cult.

Episode 4 – Monday, 8 April 2024

The Team goes to a prison in Florida where the sadistic warden forces the prisoners to fight in gladiatorial combat. Face impersonates a criminal psychologist to get close to the warden, while the others infiltrate the prison population.

Episode 5 – Tuesday, 9 April 2024

A police officer hires the A-Team when he discovers that his colleagues have become hired killers.

Episode 6 – Wednesday, 10 April 2024

Since B.A. is seriously wounded, Hannibal decides to stop in a remote town to get medical help. This results in Hannibal and Face getting locked up in jail. To make matters worse, a biker gang is on its way to burn the town to the ground.

Episode 7 – Thursday, 11 April 2024

The A-Team heads to Vegas to rescue a college professor who perfected a winning gambling system.

Episode 8 – Friday, 12 April 2024

The A-Team helps New York shopkeepers who are being harassed by racketeers.

Episode 9 – Monday, 15 April 2024

The A-Team comes to the rescue just as crazed mountain men prepare to burn a man at the stake.

Episode 10 – Tuesday, 16 April 2024

The A-Team rescues a farmer from bankruptcy.

Episode 11 – Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Guerrilla terrorists capture an Army general and his daughter.

Episode 12 – Thursday, 18 April 2024

A Texas heiress hires the team to keep her from marrying a man she believes murdered her father.

Episode 13 – Friday, 19 April 2024

The A-Team is hired when skyjackers take over an airplane and demand $5 million.

Episode 14 – Monday, 22 April 2024

The Watkins family tries to run the A-Team out of town when they visit to attend a friend’s funeral.

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