The Estate

Monday - Fridays 19:00

The Estate is a game-changing gripping premium daily drama that probes the hot-button issues on every South African’s lips: Land and Identity . . .


Friday 21:00

In Atlanta Robbin' Season, two cousins work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families.


Monday to Friday 17:00

Frank honest local Talk Show hosted by Relebogile Mabotja unpacking real issues and human interest stories.

A Cut Above The Rest

Monday 21:00

The salon floor becomes the battleground as the country’s bravest hair-wizards go head-to-head for the crown and come out R150k richer

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A Cut Above the Rest
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Right Now

Wife Swap New Zealand Celebrity SABC

Sixteen Kiwi wives swap lives for a week. Will they follow their new families’ rules? And how will the families take to the changes they make? Expect outbursts and emotional breakthroughs aplenty.

The View SABC

The View is one of the most influential Day Time Talk Shows.  It boasts of a multi-generational panel of women that discussed pop culture news, politics, fashion and more wide-ranging topics. Season 24, Joy, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Sara Haines, and Meghan McCain are the leading hosts of the show (though Meghan announced in July 2021 she would not be a part of Season 25.  Sometimes called the most influential political talk show in America)

A Cut Above The Rest SABC

The salon floor becomes the battleground as the country’s bravest hair-wizards go head-to-head for the crown and come out R150k richer, in S3’s exciting new reality competition. With the clock ticking, each 46-minute episode sees the contestants take on near-impossible out-of-the-box challenges to create hair magic to avoid being the hopeful that will fall at the hand of the judges. It’s a fast-paced, high-pressure hairstylist contest where talent, passion and ambition mean nothing without composure. Which one will keep it together and win the title: A Cut Above the Rest?

little fires everywhere SABC

The picture-perfect lives of the Richardson family are upended by the mysterious arrival of artist Mia Warren and her daughter Pearl in Shaker Heights. Egged on by her guilty conscience, do-gooder Elena Richardson rents to the mother-daughter duo and encourages her son Moody to befriend Pearl, irrevocably intertwining the fates of the two families.


Open up with S3 as we help our contestants find love every Monday at 21:00 in the new season of The Longest Date. Hosted by SAFTA nominee Christopher Jaftha, the show follows 16 sexy and successful singles in their quest to meet a compatible partner in this romantic-comedy reality show.


The series matches 16 singles into 8 couples according to compatibility as they embark on an epic journey to experience the most extreme adventures Kwa-Zulu Natal has to offer, all the while trying to get their date to fall in love with them and a chance at winning R100 000 cash prize.


In each episode the viewers will see the couples attempting extreme tasks, taking them out of their comfort zone, with the lowest scoring couples being eliminated from the game. Ultimately, one couple will win the cash prize, but will their budding romance stand the final test?


A game of chance will give one of them an excruciating decision, share the money with their date or keep it all for



The show is set on the breath-taking beautiful landscape of the Oribi Gorge, in Kwa-Zulu Natal, and our couples will experience the best the country has to offer in their activities from shark diving, mud-rallying and every other extreme experience in between.


About The Contestants:-  


Julia Peterson

A 29-year-old model and influencer from Durban, whose life ambition is to be wealthy, she is passionate about helping people. Her ideal partner needs to be ambitious, fun and have a great sense of humour. Not be threatened by her but support her and push her to be the best version of herself.


Gareth Joubert

Gareth is 32 years old and a Custom Leatherwork Craftsman from Pretoria. His life ambition is to travel the world with the love of his life. His ideal partner is a smart, beautiful, and independent woman with a strong

sense of adventure and a great sense of humour. Someone who’s willing to stick by him through life and experience all it has to offer.


Rachel Leistra


Rachel is 24 years old, and she is a former SA National Long-Distance Runner, Bio kineticist and Children’s Development Coach and Masters student at the University of Johannesburg Gauteng. Her life ambition is to start her own practice one day and focus on children’s motor development skills. Her ideal partner is matured, honest, who has integrity, is independent and respectful. Someone who is not afraid to be themselves and who she can be herself around and go on adventures with, train with and have fun with. Someone who calls her out when she is wrong. A person who loves animals and has empathy and loves nature and the outdoors, not afraid to try new things. A person who pushes her to do her best and compliments her.


Ricardo Potgieter


A 26-year-old entrepreneur and private pilot from Krugersdorp whose life ambition is to travel every continent and have a picnic on each. His ideal partner must be caring and loving.


Lethabo Bereng


Lethabo is 27 years old, and he is a model and actor from Gauteng and recently starred in Netflix’s “How To Ruin Christmas: The Wedding” His life ambition is to live, to feel, process every emotion, feeling and experience

and make it part of his DNA. His ideal partner is someone who is emphatic and knows that life is meant to be felt. Someone who understands that other beings ate not meant to be understood or tamed, but to be loved. He should now that no matter what our gender or expression, building a safer world for queer bodies is a responsibility all of us should share.


Sibusiso Mxosana


A 26-year-old actor, singer, dancer and most recently travelled internationally as part of the cast for Chicago.

Originally from the Eastern Cape currently resides in Johannesburg his life ambition sharing his art with the world. His ideal partner is someone grounded and easy going. Someone who loves to travel.


Kaelin Govender


Kaelin is a 25-year-old sales representative and brand ambassador from Kwa-Zulu Natal. His life ambition is to be free, kind and left with no what ifs. His ideal partner is someone with a gorgeous smile, lovely hair, and kind eyes. Definitely a fit body, with great legs.


Melo Moloto


Melo is a24 years old broadcaster from Midvaal whose life ambition is to become a successful broadcaster and winning the lottery. Her ideal partner is someone supportive, tall, driven, does not smoke or have children but would want to have kids one day.


Ekraahmn Cassim


A 28-year-old exotic dancer from Cape Town, his life ambition is to achieve success in all areas of his life mentally,

spiritually, physically, and materialistically. His ideal partner is someone who is an intellectual, open minded, knows her path, seeking elevation of consciousness, fit, strong willed. A woman who loves to explore beyond her understanding in the unknown onto mysterious grounds.






Zinhle Nkosi


She is 28 years old and runs an NGO, lives in Gauteng, but she from Kwa-Zulu Natal. Her life ambition is to become successful. Her ideal partner must be at least her height as she is tall and must be fit and hot. But most importantly he must have a beautiful heart.



Malwandla Hlekane


Malwandla is 26 years old, and he is a Sportscaster by profession and an educated, qualified sports performance coach from Gauteng. His life ambition is to be a God-fearing millionaire with a monthly personal passive income

of $50 000 and his holdings company, be a billion-pound asset. His ideal partner is a beautiful woman who has an intelligent head on her shoulders.


Sunshine Dlangamandla


24 years old Sunshine is an architect and travel blogger from Johannesburg whose life ambition is to travel the world and design awe-inspiring modern African architecture. Her ideal partner is someone who is romantic, ambitious, adventurous, God fearing and tall.  Someone she is always laughing with.


Angelo Antonie


Angelo is 25 years old, and he is a personal trainer based in Cape Town. His life ambition is to help people achieve mental and fiscal health. His ideal partner must be an intelligent, young, independent individual. Someone that is

willing to make it work and compromise. Someone that is active and loves the outdoors.


Angelique Samuels


She is a 28-year-old fitness Instructor from Gauteng with a life Ambition of leaving a legacy. Her ideal partner is someone who is family-oriented, adventurous. entrepreneur, who is also romantic.


Fahdil Baker


A 34-year-old full-time Law Student and call centre agent from Pretoria. His life ambition is to make his mom proud to call him her son, his sisters proud to call him their brother and one day his husband proud to call him his husband and his kids proud to call him dad.  His ideal partner must be a genuinely good human being. They must care about the environment, social justice issues and the welfare of others. They must enjoy travelling and food. It would be a bonus if they shared his dislike for peas.


Tylor Spelman


He is a 31-year-old professional dancer, choreographer, Teacher, content creator, entrepreneur from Western Cape. His life ambition is to live life to the fullest, with nothing but happiness. Always stay true to himself and never settle for less. His ideal partner is someone who has a sense of humour. Is funny,

kind, honest, authentic and not afraid to speak his mind.


Don’t miss The Longest Date, on Mondays at 21:00, repeats Thursdays at 22:00 on S3, open up.

Millennial Mafia is a female-driven dark comedy that centers around a group of friends who are forced to figure out how to maintain a sense of normalcy and financial stability after their mob-boss parents are arrested and their life of privilege is pulled out from under them. Mafia princesses, Ren Bromberg and Alexis Rodriguez, are joined by their “ride or die” childhood best friend, Sal Dang, as they find themselves being drawn into the chaotic crime syndicate – the very same world which they chose to turn a blind eye to their entire lives. As they try to figure out who snitched on their parents, these previously sheltered and entitled Millennials suddenly find themselves thrust into a dangerous world of power struggles, betrayal, and murder. Will they fail or will they eventually take the reins of power?  Full of unexpected twist and turns, Millennial Mafia tells the story of what will happen when the next generation is thrust into the classic, old school mafia world of the past.


Two cousins work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families. Earn Marks (Donald Glover) is a young manager trying to get his cousin’s career off the ground. Alfred Miles (Brian Tyree Henry) is a new hot rapper trying to understand the line between real life and street life. Darius (Lakeith Lee Stanfield) is Alfred’s right-hand man and visionary. Van (Zazie Beetz) is Earn’s best friend and the mother of Earn’s daughter.

The Red Room takes place in a therapist’s office in Istanbul. Vulnerable women pass through to get treatment and handle their traumas and problems. Based on the real experiences of an Istanbul psychiatrist, the episodes are built around the harrowing stories of the patients, while at the centre of the drama is the team of therapists in the clinic, and their own personal issues.


The characters portrayed in The Red Room show us that through their traumatic stories, we can understand how people’s futures are affected by their past experiences


Frank honest local Talk Show hosted by Relebogile Mabotja is a South African talk show which covers topics that have captured our attention and left us with more questions than answers, from interracial relationships to rape, abuse, murder and many more.

The Insider SA SABC

SA highlights South Africans who have achieved success in their fields, who have shared the struggles they have experienced in getting there and who are leading the way for others, as well as lending a practical helping hand. It is about innovation, sustainable practices, it is about travel and experiencing life to the fullest in an ethical and progressive way that mirrors the millennial generation

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