Millenial Mafia

Millennial Mafia is a female-driven dark comedy that centers around a group of friends who are forced to figure out how to maintain a sense of normalcy and financial stability after their mob-boss parents are arrested and their life of privilege is pulled out from under them. Mafia princesses, Ren Bromberg and Alexis Rodriguez, are joined by their “ride or die” childhood best friend, Sal Dang, as they find themselves being drawn into the chaotic crime syndicate – the very same world which they chose to turn a blind eye to their entire lives. As they try to figure out who snitched on their parents, these previously sheltered and entitled Millennials suddenly find themselves thrust into a dangerous world of power struggles, betrayal, and murder. Will they fail or will they eventually take the reins of power?  Full of unexpected twist and turns, Millennial Mafia tells the story of what will happen when the next generation is thrust into the classic, old school mafia world of the past.

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