Hayden Quinn South Africa

Surfer, marine biologist, WWF ambassador and celebrity foodie Hayden Quinn, of Australian Master Chef fame, is coming to South Africa to taste the best of what the country has to offer. This handsome Aussie will be travelling coast to coast across South Africa in this thirteen part series stopping to discover local flavours, participate in thrilling action adventures and follow the journey of food from farm to fork. Hayden’s unique and perpetually optimistic outlook will give South Africans an outsider’s perspective on our beautiful and diverse country.

As a WWF Ambassador Hayden will visit the top food producers and conservation initiatives around the country – with a special focus on sustainability, environmental awareness and animal welfare. He finds that not only are responsibly farmed flora and fauna full of flavour but also healthier for both us and the planet. Hayden travels around the country finding adventure, and learning about unique local dishes at each destination. Every episode holds a thrilling escapade to sate Hayden’s thirst for discovery and excitement. From surfing the cold waters of the Western Cape to zip lining through the Tsitsikamma tree tops to walking with rhinos in Zululand – Hayden does it all.

Eating and cooking are holistic sensual experiences that involve all the senses; there is probably no better way to experience a new culture than by tasting their food. Local cooks, chefs and foodies teach Hayden how to cook and prepare a myriad of local-is-lekker dishes and acquaint him with the melting pot of the South African palette. Hayden prepares a tuna sashimi dish atop Table Mountain, he cooks a potjie amidst a desert thunderstorm; he shows us how to shuck and gulp Knysna oysters and for desert, Hayden creates a no-churn ice cream in the fair fields of the KZN midlands. These are but a few of Hayden’s culinary capers along his journey across the country, just a taste of what’s to come.

For the full course, tune into Hayden Quinn South Africa every Thursday at 19:30 on SABC3.

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