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Eish! Saan is a new local reality TV show with a fresh approach to making fun of unsuspecting individuals using local celebrities. The show will be broadcast Fridays at 19:30 from 2nd February 2018 on SABC 3.

Produced by Darkchild Productions, Eish! Saan aims to take viewers on an exciting and hilarious journey. The fun starts with season one, consisting of 13 - celebrity- driven episodes.

Eish! Saan aims to excite viewers and introduce them to another side of their favourite celebrities.

The main aim is to provide a viewer with entertaining content, which is relatable, emotional and full of funny moments.

The format of the prank show will see celebrities prank spectators in public areas such as shopping malls, parks, car dealerships, clothing stores, shoe stores, gym’s, tattoo parlors, office parks, salons, to name a few.

The hidden cameras will capture each episode. Although the show is scripted, we have encouraged the celebrities to improvise as much as possible. The reactions of the viewers and what the celebrity does and says will drive the entertainment.

There are many negative issues affecting our country on a daily basis, Eish! Saan aims to bring some comedy to lighten the load that most South Africans are experiencing.

Tune in every Friday at 19:30 for all these hilarious moments on Eish! Saan from 2nd February on SABC 3, “The Stage Is Yours.”

For more information and pictures, please contact the SABC 3 Publicity department.

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