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Dallas is back on SABC 3 for the third season from 16 August at 21:00 with double the double cross.

Dallas is back for a new round of backstabbing, feuding and passion! Based upon one of the most popular television dramas of all time, the series centers on the Ewing clan, an enormously wealthy Texas family whose rivalries, romantic betrayals, corruption and even acts of murder are legendary. Secrets, schemes and shady alliances abound as the iconic elder Ewings — with original Dallas series stars Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray reprising their roles as Bobby and SueEllen Ewing, respectively are joined at the Southfork ranch in Dallas, Texas, by the next generation of Ewings, who take ambition and deceit to new levels.

Developed by Cynthia Cidre (The Mambo Kings, Cane) from the series created by David Jacobs (Dallas [original], Knots Landing), Dallas stars Josh Henderson (Desperate Housewives, 90210, Over There), Jesse Metcalfe (John Tucker Must Die, Desperate Housewives, Chase), Jordana Brewster (The Fast and the Furious films), Julie Gonzalo (Veronica Mars, Eli Stone), Brenda Strong (Desperate Housewives), Mitch Pileggi (The X-Files, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy), Emma Bell (The Walking Dead, Arrow, Final Destination 5), Juan Pablo Di Pace (Mamma Mia!, Rubenesque, Camp, Física o química), with Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray.

In season three, Bobby (Duffy) is now the senior member of the Ewing family after the death of his older brother, J.R. Following the death of his revered father, John Ross Ewing (Henderson) is out to prove that he can be just as powerful an ally or enemy as the infamous J.R., and John Ross’s mother and J.R.’s ex-wife, Sue Ellen (Gray), is ready to help her son any way she can.

Christopher Ewing (Metcalfe), Bobby’s adopted son, is determined to make a name for himself and his family in the world of natural gas, but he continues to reel after his engagement to Elena Ramos (Brewster) fell through and the search for his mother ended with the news that she died in 1989. Elena, having received important information about the original deed to her father’s land, is now consumed with thoughts of justice for previous wrongs against her family, including her brother, Drew (recurring guest star Kuno Becker), and mother, Carmen (recurring guest star Marlene Forte), the Southfork housekeeper. To find that justice, Elena has turned to an old childhood friend, Nicolas Treviño (Di Pace).

The Ewings’ chief nemesis, Cliff Barnes (recurring guest star Ken Kercheval), did everything he could to bring the Ewing family down, including an attempt to sabotage a Ewing oil rig. But when this act resulted in injuring his daughter, Pamela Rebecca Barnes (Gonzalo), and killing her and former fiancé Christopher’s unborn twins, Cliff suddenly found his own family turning against him. Pamela helped the Ewings gain a controlling interest in Barnes Global, and determined to find a happy ending with her new husband, John Ross, and make a home on Southfork Ranch. Cliff, meanwhile, awaits trial for the murder of J.R, of which he has been accused.

Bobby’s wife, Ann (Strong), continues to battle with her scheming ex-husband, Harris Ryland (Pileggi), who is in jail for drug smuggling. Ann also continues to build a relationship with her daughter, Emma (Bell), a sheltered beauty who has teamed up with John Ross to stir up trouble for her father, Harris.

The third season premiere kicks off with the Ewings on top … but solidarity among them can only last for so long. John Ross quickly gets into conflict with Bobby over their joint ownership of Southfork Ranch, while also putting his marriage at risk as he enters into an illicit liaison with Emma. Meanwhile, Christopher’s relationship with Elena seems irreparable as Elena returns to Dallas with her own secret agenda for justice. As the betrayals mount, the arrival of a mysterious stranger puts everyone’s plans at risk.

In addition to Kercheval, Becker and Forte, guest stars this season include Judith Light (Ugly Betty, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Who’s the Boss?) as Ryland’s mother, Judith, who proves to be just as evil as her son, and AnnaLynne McCord (90210, Nip/Tuck), as Heather, a ranch hand and single mother who Christopher steps in to help.

Viewers will also see familiar faces from the original series: Steve Kanaly as Ray Krebbs, J.R.’s one-time nemesis; Charlene Tilton as Lucy Barnes, J.R. and Bobby’s niece and Audrey Landers as Afton Cooper, Pamela’s mother.

Let the ruthless rivalries and Texas-sized power struggles continue every Tuesday at 21:00 from 16 August on SABC 3.

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