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A reality meets cooking travel series on SABC 3.

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This fish out of travel reality series unpacks South African Hip Hop artist iFani’s experience for viewers who are intrigued by the notion of exploration, travel and food. Amah Knows Best will broadcast Wednesdays at 20:30 on SABC 3.

This 13 part series is about one rapper’s adventure to explore China and test his mettle in the kitchen. iFani has always wanted to explore China. And with his career existential crisis, he’s on a mission to seek inspiration and find something different in his life. He jets off on a journey of self-exploration and in the process learns how to cook Chinese food from the Kung Fu masters of the kitchen – the Amah’s (Grandmothers).

iFani being raised by his grandmother has a special place in his heart for grandparents. Chinese food is also his 6-year-old son’s favorite and iFani wants to learn to impress his boy.

iFani has topped the charts with his unique brand of music, but how much of the world has he seen? And can he learn how to cook his favorite cuisine? In recent years iFani has been on a spiritual journey of discovery. China not only provides a melting pot of culture and spirituality, it provides food for the soul… Literally.

Highlights of the series will include Cultural exchange; 12 Authentic Chinese recipes that are quick and easy to prepare; Fun and quirky phrases in Mandarin. Also watch iFani teach the locals African Slang and his music, hilarious comedy as well as sights and sounds of China such as travel diaries and surprising discoveries.

iFani also learns about the Chinese music culture and even records a co-lab with a Chinese rapper. The artist iFani did the co-lab with is Turbo - the first generation of Chinese rappers to blow up the genre in China as Rap music was banned in the country until recently. Turbo was also a finalist in the reality series in China called Rap of China. The song title is Ni Hao Piao Liang, which was produced by iFani, composed by Siyao Wang; Mzondeleli Boltina and published by inyaniso Publishing. The song was recorded in episode 9 of Amah Knows Best.

This series was created by Brendan Gabriel (TAC Studios, Los Angeles) and Faeeq

Dyer (BlueBoy Films) to address our need to understand our neighbors and the world around us. Developed and filmed before the pandemic this reality series now takes on an even more important role to demystify the African experience in China through an authentic reality series.

Tune in to live vicariously through iFani’s crazy exploits as he also challenges himself to learn how to cook from Chinese Amahs (grandmothers) in Amah Knows Best every Wednesday at 20:30 on SABC 3, “The Stage Is Yours, Own It!”

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