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A Travel Adventure Trip will be broadcast weekdays at 17:00

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Presented by David Johnson and Bianca La Grange South African Celebrities, Influencers, Actors, Performers and a married couple addicted to Travel!

David is a singer, TV host and actor. His contribution to the South African theatre and film industry as well as his appearance in several prime TV roles made him a familiar household name. Bianca is a singer, pianist, violinist and actress and made her music debut after she participated in the Reality TV programme Idols. She is a full-fledged musician and has a passion for acting on stage as well as appearing as a Presenter in front of the screens.

David and Bianca love to Travel and they are taking an epic road trip filled with Adventure across South Africa - they explore some of the most interesting and exciting holiday destinations in the Country. As a “base station” for all their Adventures during their trip, they decided to put up camp at the popular Family Holiday retreats; the ATKV Resorts. The Resorts are perfectly and conveniently located across the country from where they can explore all the Tourist Activities and Attractions in the surrounding areas. A memorable holiday filled with loads of fun and wonderful memories!

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