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Earth’s Great Seasons is a BBC NHU Archive show that celebrates the extraordinary nature of the four magnificent seasons on Planet Earth, and how animals and plants rise to the new challenges they bring. In each episode, we visit a different season, each with its own magical and dramatic personality, and reveal how different animal characters must find their own extraordinary ways to make it through. Through all the seasons, animals need to find enough to eat, find partners, raise their families, deal with the tumultuous weather and they have astonishing tricks to overcome what each season throws at them, and thrive!


Episode 1 - SPRING

Documentary exploring wildlife and plants throughout the year. This programme focuses on the spring, when hibernating animals awake and many species search for mates.

Episode 2 - SUMMER

The documentary exploring wildlife and plants throughout the year continues with a look at how the natural world reacts to the arrival of summer. Andrew Scott narrates.

Episode 3 - AUTUMN

The arrival of autumn sees chipmunks and beavers stash their winter supplies, animals from musk oxen to beetles battling for mates and gannet chicks facing life's first challenges.

Episode 4 - WINTER

The arrival of winter, exploring how animals and plants rise to the challenges the coldest season brings. Narrated by Andrew Scott.

Tune in and watch Earth’s Great Seasons celebrating the spectacular seasons that transform the planet each year, every Sunday at 18:30  on SABC 3, “The Stage Is Yours”

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