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From renowned filmmaker José Padilha (Elite Squad, Robocop), comes an inside look at the men who would stop at nothing to take down Pablo Escobar.

The multi-layered story of the harrowing and violent struggle, Narcos will premiere from the 12th February 2020 at 21:30 on SABC 3. Narcos covers the victories and setbacks of both Pablo Escobar and the DEA agents trying to extradite him to the US. Narcos is an unfiltered look into the war that would change the drug trade forever.

The Narcos story is told after the events and commented when necessary by the casual and ironic voice of Steve Murphy, Javier Pena’s partner. These two DEA agents were for a long time on the front line of the struggle against the narco traffickers and in particular, the most famous of them all, Pablo Escobar. The use of photos and footage is there to guarantee the veracity of the characters and the events told.

The story begins in 1989 when Richard Nixon installs Augusto Pinochet’s regime. The General decides to stop the drug traffic that devastates Chile. The traffickers then find a refuge in Columbia with among them a Pablo Escobar. Avoiding Chile from now on Escobar and his associates explore routes and methods to smuggle drugs where it is in demand: the USA. They decide to use Miami as their bridgehead and start their first crossings.

Starting with simple bags sewn into the jacket worn by a smuggler on board a commercial plane, the traffic quickly expands and it’s only when the authorities realize the extraordinary amount of money moved back to Columbia by the mules that the Narco war will begin. As told by Murphy, it will last for years.

Wagner Moura received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance as Pablo Escobar in Season 1. Narcos received a Golden Globe nomination as Best Drama Series.

Make sure to tune in and watch this criminal procedural series chronicling the United States Drug Enforcement Administration's attempts to stem the drug flow in Narcos every Wednesday at 21:30 starting 12th February, 2020, on SABC 3 “The Stage Is Yours”.

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