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WildEarth’s Safari Live will once again bring viewers face to face with the thrill of Africa’s wild animals in real time weekdays at 15:00 from Monday 6th July 2020 on SABC 3.

Safari Live is an unprecedented production which broadcasts LIVE from the magical Greater Kruger Park, the rolling dunes of the Kalahari and the subtropical expanse of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Once again South African viewers will be transported from their living rooms and will come face to face with lions, leopards, cheetah and many more wild animals. At the same time they will be able to ask an expert guide questions and get them answered by name in real time.

And this time viewers can climb aboard every single day to catch up with Thandi the leopard and her new cub, The Birmingham Pride of lions and even the Gosa Gang of meerkats.

WildEarth’s Safari Live has been years in the making, using cutting edge technology to take people right to the heart of the action, in real time. This is for all the animal lovers out there who never thought they would go on safari, let alone follow the lives of specific prides and clans.

The hosts have come to know the beasts of the bush and bear witness to their complex lives. Watching their everyday dramas LIVE draws audiences into close and lasting relationships with each of them. Following the lives of the big cat families, the hyena clans, the roaming elephant herds and many more is a real soap opera. From family quarrels and love affairs to wild hunts and cute cubs, these animals rarely have a dull moment. Our guides have fostered very personal relationships with the Safari Live characters as they share and record their daily routines.

What sets WildEarth’s Safari Live apart from anything else on television is the fact that viewers can interact with the guides LIVE on Twitter using#wildearth as they get up close with Africa’s most iconic species. The guides will not only answer submitted questions, but quiz viewers on their wildlife knowledge and let them tell us where they want the game drive to go next!


Safari Live is produced by WildEarth. WildEarth Media Executive Producers are Graham Wallington and Emily Wallington.

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