That Awkward Game Show

Starting 14 October at 16:00

That Awkward Game Show is a series which reveals uncomfortable and embarrassing secrets between parents and their grown children starting on 14th October at 16:SarstastaStauhsakjnhskj00 on SABC 3.

Why wait until the holidays or family reunions to reveal outrageous and often cringe-worthy secrets? SABC 3 is launching a new one-hour game show, That Awkward Game Show, where parents and their adult children compete to win a large cash prize while learning some of the most ridiculously shocking truths about their next of kin.  The show is hosted by actor and comedian Jeff Dye.

As if having the talk with your children wasn’t bad enough, imagine having to explain to your kid the details of the night they were conceived, or revealing to your parent that you secretly married the boyfriend they’ve never approved of – all of the skeletons are about to come out of the closet on That Awkward Game Show.

Each of the episodes will feature three teams of two (comprised of one parent and one adult child per team) trying to figure out which embarrassing factoid is related to their teammate (and family member!). In order to advance throughout the game, contestants will have to identify uncomfortable, often outrageous, previously unknown truths about their loved ones. The parent/kid duo who answers the most questions correctly will win a major cash prize.

Jeff Dye is an actor, host, prankster and nationally touring comedian. Most recently starring in NBC’s I Can Do That, Dye’s next project with the network is the forthcoming Better Late Than Never, a new series that will follow the travels of legendary personalities as they experience the adventure of a lifetime. First gaining national recognition on Last Comic Standing, Dye has gone on to host MTV’s Money From Strangers and Numbnuts. Dye has also been featured on his own Comedy Central Presents special and has starred in additional TV projects, including Girl Code and Extreme Makeover:Home Edition.

Arthur Smith, Kent Weed, Christmas Rini and Peter Herschko are Executive Producers for A. Smith & Co. Productions. Sharon Levy is Spike’s Executive Vice President, Original Series, Chachi Senior is Senior Vice President of Original Series for Spike, and Hayley Lozitsky, Vice President Original Series serves as the network’s Executive in Charge of Production.

To see just how unhinged and uncivilized things can get tune in every Saturday at 16h00 from 14th October, 2017 on SABC 3 “The Stage Is Yours”.

For more information and pictures, please contact the SABC 3 Publicity department.

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