Suffer the Children Repeat

A Special Assignment investigation Sunday at 21:30

This episode is dedicated to Philane Mkhize, our colleague and editor whose talents, knowledge and professionalism will be sorely missed by Special Assignment. 

Residents of Soshanguve, an informal settlement in Marikana, live in constant danger among a litany of illegal electrical connections that characterise its landscape. So far, six children have lost their lives as a result of these illegal electrical connections. In spite of this, life seems to be carrying on as usual in South Africa with no one being held accountable for these senseless deaths.

After years of empty promises to supply the settlement with basic services, including electricity, the community of Marikana is seemingly caught between various arms of the state failing to take responsibility. They have resorted to installing dangerous, illegal connections to access electricity. This has made the area an exposed and dangerous tangle of high voltage wires.

How many more children must lose their lives before the government provides the people of Soshanguve in Marikana with basic infrastructure?

Suffer the Children was produced by Lindile Mpanza and edited by Philane Mkhize. It will be broadcast on Special Assignment on SABC 3 and the News Channel 404 at 21:30 on Sunday, 31st March.  

For more information contact the Special Assignment office: 011 714 6758

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