50 50 now on SABC 3

Date: Nov 7, 2014

Starting 16 November at 17:30

After setting a 30 year old legacy on SABC2, 50|50 will be making its debut on SABC3 at 17h30 from the 16th of November 2014.

50|50 is an environmental television show that highlights the balance between humans and nature. Our focus is making wildlife, conservation and the environment top of mind for all South Africans.

With a dynamic style overhaul, a new look and feel, 50|50 promises fresh, vibrant and relevant viewing for its audiences while it addresses nature’s perks, quirks and concerns. This new season will bring viewers more animal behaviour than ever before, more environmental journalism and more interaction with audiences through social media mediums and awesome prize giveaways.

This season of 50|50 (Human/Nature), which stands for the balance that should be struck between humans and nature for a healthy planet, will capture the imaginations of audiences, encouraging them to question the state of their surroundings. This speaks directly to our 50|50 slogan “Because we need to know”!

Presenters joining our environmental show include:

  • Ntokozo Mbuli, who is the longest serving member of the 50|50 team has over 16 years of television broadcast experience and will continue to anchor the show, while she wear the “series producer” hat, as well as that of executive producer.
  • Bonne De Bod, is a longstanding member of the 50|50 family, as a field presenter, insert producer and researcher, she also hosts her own weekly radio show that highlights environmental and conservation news from around the world. She is very passionate about telling environmental and wildlife stories and lives to inspire the average person to live a greener lifestyle.
  • Bertus Louw, a qualified nature guide and seasoned professional in wildlife documentary production will not only be presenting this season, but will also go behind the camera to produce. His work goes beyond the local environment, as he’s also an innovation catalyst and a relief worker who has dodged wars and tsunamis from Iraq to Indonesia.
  • Samir Randera-Rees, is a new face on the show – field presenter and Veld Focus host. Samir brings to the show a wealth of environmental knowledge having completed his B.Sc. in Environmental Science as well as a European Masters in Applied Ecology focussing on Carnivore Interactions. He has travelled Europe to extend his learning in conservation ecology, trained wild donkeys in Namibia and sustainable forestry in the Brazilian Amazon.     

Segments will include

  • Rhino Brief – The inspiring stories taking place behind the poaching saga
  • Veld Focus – Our famous viewers photo and video competition
  • Wildlife Wonders – Natural history short segments showing off the best of our wildlife

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