Abor Week

1 to 7 September is known as Abor Week in South Africa

The 7th of September marks Abor Day, the culmination of Abor Week, celebrated from 1 to 7 September in South Africa.

This year’s theme is Forest and Water. In the wake of the recent drought experienced in most parts of the country, this theme is fitting in that it focuses on flora and water.

During Abor Week, it is encouraged that people acknowledge the benefits gained from trees and water in nature and our livelihood. People need to give back to the environment by planting a tree to replace and increase the number of trees in our country. Using water sparingly helps save each drop and reduces the shortages. We are encouraged to reuse some water that may be sufficient for other uses, eg bath water may be used to flush the toilet etc.

Some of the benefits, trees bring to the environment are shelter, nutrition, medicine and infrastructure, ie building materials. The benefits of water include providing sanitation and hydrating plants and trees so that they can grow and this helps sustain the natural state of the world.


The first Abor Day was celebrated in the 80’s in South Africa. The event captured people’s imagination, who recognised the need to create awareness around the value of trees . In 1999 the government of South Africa extended the celebration of Arbor Day to National Arbor Week.


During this week citizens are encouraged every year to part take in ‘going green’ activities, which may include planting a tree, recycling and refraining from the unnecessary use of resources.  This initiative is to aid in a more ‘greener’ healthy environment.


This Abor Day, 7 September, challenge yourselves to read up on ways to conserve nature. Try to adopt saving tips, recycling lifestyles and live a life that is more considerate towards nature and keeping it healthy.

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