The Intern SA Carpet Challenge

Episode 11 of The Intern by David Tlale is the Carpet Challenge

The competition is getting nearer to the end, only four contestants are left and the pressure is on! The contestants are told to be ready by midday for their briefing on the next challenge. They are obviously curious about where they are headed to for their briefing when the cars stop at Jo’burg theatre, where David and Nico are waiting for them. Walking up the stairs with a red carpet, they knew that David had something extra special lined up for them.

David distributed the briefs and told them that they must design a red carpet look for celebrities, which they will wear at a Cosmo event that was set to take place later in the week. Nico instructed the contestants to look behind them, walking up the stairs was female TV presenter and model Lalla Hirayama. She was joined by the beautiful model and David Tlale’s muse Tatum Keshwar. Following her, the gorgeous Ayanda Thabethe who is a TV presenter, actress, entrepreneur and model. Finally, it was Kat Sinavason, TV presenter and well known for his incredible work on Mzansi Insider on SABC 1.

All the contestants couldn’t believe the people that they had to work with for this challenge, they had mixed feelings because we all know how these celebrities take their brands seriously. Nico told them that they must pair themselves up with their favourite celebrity and start working. Tatum was paired with Cyla, Sam was paired with Kat, Lalla with Kuena and Keletso was paired with Ayanda. They all got to know each other, started sketching a few ideas and they all left the venue happy.

After they knew exactly what’s expected of them, it was time to go fabric shopping and it wasn’t an easy task but luckily David was there to guide them. They started working as time was not on their side, their first fitting was the next day. David had to come in just to shake things up; he told them that they are not thinking out the box as he is seeing repetitions and what he wanted were fresh ideas. Kuena struggled a little the most as David was just also not impressed. 

The day of the 1st fitting finally arrived and the first person to arrive was Lalla. Kuena didn’t sleep the previous night just to make sure the basics of the dress were done, at least for her to have something to fit. Tatum arrived shortly after Lalla left, she was in love with what Cyla had so far. All the contestants got good feedback and that it definitely boosted their confidence.

It’s the day before the event and the contestants haven’t slept for two nights in a row but they are still working hard. The garments are looking beautiful and the celebrities are happy with the outcomes of their final fitting. David on the other hand is a bit worried about the finishing.

The morning of the event, the contestants are not done with their garments and David has to ask the ladies that work for him to lend a hand. The clock is ticking as the red carpet is due to start. It’s time to go! The contestants run like headless chickens to make sure that they take everything they need and they make their way to Mesh club in Rosebank, where the event is taking place. The celebrities were doing their hair and makeup, Lalla was working the whole day and she only pitched 30 minutes later. Eventually, everyone got dressed and made their way to the red carpet, Looking beautiful. And then it was time for David to decide who had fallen off the seams.

On the judging panel, David was joined by Holly Meadows who is the new Cosmopolitan South Africa magazine editor and fashion designer Orapeleng Modutle. The fact that the judging took place in front of an audience didn’t make it easy for the contestants. They were nervous but they all did so well that David decided to take all four of them to the finale.

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