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What parents schould preapare for the "back to school" chronicles

Starting school for the first time can be unsettling for both the parents and their young one. It is after all the start of a completely new phase of a child’s life, new routine, new set of rules, new friends (most of the time) and a new environment to try fit into. 

This phase of a child’s life tends to take a toll on the parents as well, in terms of budget, new set of rules, homework exercises and extra mural activities. The ‘first day at school’ and ‘back to school” chronicles are a common phenomenon in most households with children.  So how do parents prepare for the coming days to try preventing disoriented dashing mornings?  An article from News24 “Back To School” has helpful tips on how to manage these, here are a few examples below:

One week before school starts

Stock up on the store cupboard lunchbox essentials

Start getting children back into a school routine of earlier bedtime and earlier rising.

Get a haircut (the barbers are about as crazy as the school outfitters in the run-up to the start of school).

Sort and tidy you child’s study area. Track down errant erasers and dictionaries and make sure his homework stationery kit is ready for use.

If you’ve been out of town, or your child tends to be a bit shy, invite a school friend over to play, just to re-establish connections.

Days before

Stock the fridge and freezer with lunchbox essentials.

Bake some lunchbox fillers to last for the first few weeks of term

Have one last family outing as the final treat of the holidays

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