The Man Cave

Date: Aug 4, 2014

The show created by men, for men, starring alpha males Janez Vermeiren and Lunga Shabalala

Janez Vermeiren and Lunga Shabalala go head to head in the ultimate bro-down, The Man Cave starting Wednesday 6th August at 20:00 only on SABC3.

The thirteen-part series will deliver a weekly dose of testosterone-driven content to men seeking a hefty helping of adventure. On the flipside, it’ll give women the opportunity to try and understand what makes men tick.

With an emphasis on honest opinion and casual conversation, along with action-packed sequences set in jaw-dropping destinations, each episode comprises four inserts spanning the full spectrum of male fascination and interest. From inspirational stories on local celebrities and rendezvous with gorgeous girls, to adrenaline sports, hi-tech gadgets, dude food, fashion trends, fitness tips, and first-hand reviews of cars both ultramodern and classic – The Man Cave will give South African men plenty to beat their chests about.

Throughout the series Janez and Lunga – bad boys with equally competitive spirits and polar opposite views on what it means to be a real man – will lock horns to compete for victory in an array of heart-stopping, bucket-list challenges designed to put their strengths and egos to the test.

Expect everything from gruelling fitness face-offs and relentless survival showdowns, to culinary mash ups and fuel-injected thrills as the men push high-performance cars to their limits on the track – after which only one will walk away with bragging rights to the ultimate prize: man pride. It’s this on-going rivalry between Janez and Lunga that will form the foundation of their captivating on-screen chemistry, eventual mutual respect and finally, their unbreakable friendship.

Not forgetting their irresistible wit and charm, the men will go to the ends of the earth to entertain the show’s female guests, like Miss SA Rolene Strauss whom they invited to Switzerland for an extreme alpine adventure in celebration of Women’s Month.        

Of course, a series of this nature and title would be incomplete without a man cave of its own. As such, it’ll be broadcast from Janez and Lunga’s exclusive man cave which will take shape as the series progresses, enabling viewers to pick up some nifty DIY tips along the way. 

For the full dose of The Man Cave, tune into SABC3 every Wednesday at 20:00 from 6th August 2014.


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