Soap On A Rope

Date: Mar 29, 2017

A new comedy drama on SABC3

Soap On A Rope is a comedy-drama unfolding on the set and behind-the-scenes of a struggling South African soap-opera and will broadcast on SABC 3, from Friday, 7th April 2017 at 19h30.

Soap On A Rope will take viewers behind-the-scenes on a struggling, mediocre South African soap opera – a whirlpool of drama, divas, hopes, dreams, plots, affairs, secrets…and laughter!

Soap On A Rope is not a classic sitcom, it has series long story arcs and cliff hangers. It draws on and combines our experience in comedies like Suburban Bliss and daily drama like Isidingo.

The world of the show:

Much like 30 Rock, Soap On A Rope is a show about making a television show, in this case, a struggling, rock-bottom-budget, daily drama / soap opera called Hard Bodies. It is made in a converted warehouse, which contains the set of Hard Bodies and the shabby, cheap, dry-wall production areas.

Hard Bodies has been on TV for four years, but ratings are dropping, and the show has become a professional cul-de-sac for most of our characters. Hard Bodies is set in an exclusive gym (called Hard Bodies), on the penthouse floor of a glamorous apartment block in Cape Town’s Camps Bay.

The characters in Soap on a Rope are all involved in the producing of Hard Bodies: there’s management, an administrator, writer and director, technical crew, and of course the scheming, insecure actors.

The action of Soap On A Rope moves between public spaces such as the set and floor and private like the dressing rooms, makeup room, dark corners and behind the set. This allows us to see our characters projecting a public face while also revealing their private insecurities, personal disasters and secret, even criminal, plans.

Cast List:

Played by

Character Name

Patricia Boyer Carmen - Producer
Luthuli Dlamini Sello - Lead actor, Carmen’s husband
Ameera Patel Adi - Commissioning Editor, Carmen’s nemesis
Sonia Sedibe Tuki - Leading lady, diva
Nina Hastie Brenda - P.A., White sangoma
Matthew Alves Josh - Director, Carmen’s son
Melanie Dubois Ziyanda (Zee) -  Make-up
Nicole Brauns Whitney - Extra who becomes leading lady, Ziyanda & Sello’s daughter
Ashish Gangpersad Verbal -  Writer
Kamogelo Mogale Maxwell - Stud actor
Sokhulu Mthiyane Silence - Boom swinger, villain
Alfred Ntombela Detective “Short Division” Masondo
Matlotji Ditodi Florence - In A Coma 

If you want to see the Bold, Beautiful, Total disaster and all the Days of our lies… then tune into Soap On A Rope every Friday at 19:30 starting 7th April, 2017, on SABC 3 “The Stage Is Yours”.


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