Predators of the Game Part II

On Special Assignment this Sunday at 21:30

This week’s Special Assignment exposes more illegal soccer academies involved in dubious activities. Young boys who dream of becoming soccer stars are, together with their parents, duped into believing that they will be given opportunities to play for professional clubs. Oblivious to the criminal intentions of the coaches and managers, parents pay astronomical fees to send their children to these academies where they live in overcrowded conditions without adequate food. Many of the boys are often sexually abused by their coaches.

Following the broadcast of the first part of this investigation last week, some parents rushed to Johannesburg to see the neglectful conditions in which their children are living and attempted to open cases with the police, without much success.

In this episode, we also expose what seems to be the lacklustre manner in which the custodian of football in South Africa, the South African Football Association, is dealing with the issue of the abuse of children in the name of soccer.

Special Assignment will now be aired in its new time slot on Sundays at 21:30, SABC 3.

Watch part two of “Predators of the Game” produced by Lee McCabe and Siphiwe Linda, broadcast on Special Assignment, Sundays, on SABC 3 at 21:30.  

For more information contact the Special Assignment office: 011 714 6758

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