To Catch A Con Star

On Special Assignment Sunday at 21:30

For most of her life, Tracy Morrison has allegedly lived a lie, scripting a fictional melodrama in which she is the star. She has allegedly defrauded scores of victims through financial scams and impersonations and exposed them to emotional abuse. In this three-part exclusive exposé, Special Assignment reveals the intricate trail of destruction and fraud left by this alleged sociopath.

Through extensive interviews with many of her victims, troves of emails, affidavits and incriminating documents, we follow Morrison’s trail from humble beginnings in Yeoville to the upmarket suburbs of Sandton that have served as her ‘film sets’ and hunting grounds.

Like all predators, Morrison allegedly lured her targets by grooming and manipulating them before betraying their trust through the most callous of crimes. Young and old, rich and poor, black and white– everyone has been fair game for this alleged sociopath who has managed to evade capture. But now, her alleged victims say that they are determined to expose her crimes and bring her to justice.

In this investigation we expose the modus operandi of an alleged serial fraudster; at the same time we explore the tangled web of criminality into which she has allegedly managed to weave law enforcement agents who acted as enablers and accomplices in crimes committed as far afield as the United States.

This exclusive investigative series is produced by Hazel Friedman.

Watch To Catch a Con Star on Special Assignment, Sundays on SABC 3 at 21:30.

For more information contact Special Assignment: 011 714 5419.

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