The Lie Of The Land

A Special Assignment investigation Sunday 17 March at 21:30

This week’s Special Assignment follows the plight of intended beneficiaries of agricultural land reform who have been pitted against multinationals who are allegedly abusing South Africa’s policies to fleece the state. Their willing accomplice in this alleged elite capture is The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform – who in this case, seem to be the gatekeepers of land reform. These intended beneficiaries serve as passive participants in this elite capture, without receiving significant returns, security of tenure, input or oversight of financial details. They are unwitting colluders in one of the biggest scandals of post-apartheid society: the lie of land reform.

In this episode we further expose the state of neglect in which SAFE, a multinational company, has left the once profitable Nirwanda farm, its beneficiaries and farm workers after a damning forensic audit recommended criminal charges be investigated against SAFE and its accomplices in government.

We expose an alleged culture of corruption that appears to dominate the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform whose officials seem to act with impunity.

Watch The Lie of the Land, produced by Hazel Friedman for Special Assignment, Sundays on SABC 3 and the News Channel at 21:30.

For more information, call Special Assignment 011 714 5419

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