The Mavericks Debuts on SABC 3

A lifestyle entertainment series starting on 18th September 2017

The Mavericks is a new lifestyle entertainment series starting on 18th September at 20:30 on SABC 3.

What happens when South Africa’s business elite pursue new dreams? People, passion and power are put to the test - as the big dream bigger. In a world of competition, conflict and innovation - South Africans strive forward to achieve the impossible. See what it takes to be a trailblazing entrepreneur as the business elite take on new challenges. Success recipes revealed; trade secrets uncovered: this is how to navigate the boardroom and economic transformation of a new South Africa.

Youngpreneur Media in collaboration with Queen of Film redefines the story of entrepreneurship through this entertainment series that epitomizes true African success: exploring the vast territory of opportunity in the new South Africa.

In The Mavericks we meet South Africa’s most successful entrepreneurs as they pursue new dreams. We are introduced to trailblazers, self-made millionaires, innovators who are the epitome of successful South Africans. The show unpacks the tools to success by uncovering the realities of the country’s self-made industry influencers as they pursue new business or social challenges - they have already achieved much, but the series captures them as they take a new turn in their journey.

The industries are vast: spreading from industrial to entertainment. The entrepreneurs are pioneers in their own right: individuals who have gone beyond making millions for themselves, but in doing so, have created new opportunities for everyday people, in a new South Africa.

Now, for the first time on television, they are putting themselves out there: exploring new opportunities as the story unfolds. This reveals the way that South Africa’s business elite thinks and acts.

Tune in to discover resilient entrepreneurs who will share their stories of how they transformed their lives on a quest to build their own wealth every Monday at 20:30 from 18th September, 2017 on SABC 3 “The Stage Is Yours”.

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