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SABC 3 is looking for you to take part in this amazing reality show, Miles Apart, Miles Together - a show that will bring viewers heart rending stories of loved ones being reunited.


Many South Africans have taken the ultimate risk of moving abroad and seeking opportunities overseas, whilst leaving their loved ones behind. They now wake up every day without their loved ones, separated by distance and time. This big change has put thousands of kilometres between lovers, family, friends and parents allowing some the opportunity to only see each other once or twice a year at best.


Births and birthdays are missed, anniversaries, weddings and other pivotal events that we know they would have loved to attend. This is also true for those who remain behind who cannot engage with their loved-ones who are overseas, especially when intimate and personal family events take place.


Now South Africans can surprise someone by bringing a loved-one from overseas. All they have to do is simply send a video nominating someone in South Africa to be surprised by bringing a loved-one back home for a short stay.


Secondly, viewers can nominate a local loved one needing to get to a family member or friend’s event/function but can’t get there on their own.


For 13 weeks viewers can witness hearts being reunited and tears turning into smiles, as we fly various South Africans back home to surprise their loved ones.



1. A viewer can enter in two ways:

2. Firstly, a viewer nominates a person living in South Africa to be surprised by a loved-one living overseas. Or a viewer nominates a person who needs to get to a family member or friend’s event/function somewhere in SA.

3. The viewer needs to record a short video and send it via whatsapp to the MAMT team on 060 642 9257.

4. Closing date for entries:

For more information or interviews please contact the SABC 3 Publicity department.


About SABC 3

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